Monday, April 21, 2008

Moments for ME Monday

Depending on who you ask, my Mondays may seem to always be about me. But they are not. If you ask J, he'll tell you that since I don't go in to work on Mondays...that I sleep in...that I am on the computer all day...that I relaxed and/or did nothing. If only he knew. Mondays haven't been solely about me in quite sometime. My Mondays, just like every other day of this God-given week are about so many things. The house. Is it clean? Do we have dishes? What about the baskets of clean, yet unfolded laundry J left for me? Dinner. What is J going to want? Is H going to be here tonight? What will she want? The studio. I could go on and on here as I have devoted so much of my time, health and energy into it, but I will not. Then there is Little Painted Polka Dots. Yes, this is a bit about me, but also for J and our future. I want to be a work-at-home mom. Can I have a little appreciation for trying to succeed on the "work" part before the "mom" part? Please. That is not just about me, now is it?

On to what this post is about - a moment for me. It may not seem like much to some of you, but I dressed up pretty today. Only for a moment. I had some errands to run. It would have been simple to throw on my comfies that I will be running in later, along with some flip flops so my toes could soak up some of this beautiful sun. I didn't though. I am worth more. Who cares if I was running to the Hobby Lobby. I was the most stylish chickie in there today! I did my hair, full makeup, black peep-toe heels, black wide leg trousers that have only been out of the house once, a bright pink hyacinth blouse (I hate that word btw, but that is what it is), and I topped it off with my fabulous cream colored polka dot jacket. I was, for a moment, gorgeous! When you look good - YOU FEEL GOOD! So I felt...GREAT.

Also on my way home, on the realtor sign I pass daily, there was a fabulous quote that is so fitting, for the blog, and for my life. I have to make some serious choices in the near future and this quote will stick with me forever.

"Happiness is not by chance, but by choice!" Well my friends, I CHOOSE to be happy. If you are happy too, and need a moment for you, then take the Happiness Challenge. It's good for your soul.

That is what I had time for today. I can't wait for next Monday. I love that I have an excuse to take a little "me time." Let's not think of it as an excuse, let's call it a responsibility. If I don't take a moment for me, who will?


THopgood said...

Lisa I just LOVE this post! This is exactly why I wanted to do've inspired me! My comfy lounge clothes have become entirely too comfy and familiar to me. I've gotten lazy. I think I'll get myself all dolled up one day this week! Thanks for the inspiration! said...

I'm wodering if you wear a little bit of polka dots everyday, or if it too was a special treat for today? If not, I think you should, as a reminder of following your dream and making it REAL! The day's running short, but I did manage to post a few items to my Etsy shop and update my blog. There is something that thrills me to the bone to see the counter creep up ever so slowly!

Happy2bme said...

You are so right. I feel much better about the day and myself when I take an extra few minutes to do my make up and hair. Great post! Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

Momo Fali said...

May as well get used to those comfies before you have kids too. I ran four errands this morning before I showered, then another six after I showered (no, I'm not out of town trip, First Communion, Wedding AND family get-together this weekend, AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR). And, those six more errands were with two kids in tow. Guess who needs another shower?