Friday, June 4, 2010

Crappy Bloggers Unite!

I am a crappy blogger.  Have you noticed?  I come and go as I please.  I post what I want, what interests me, what I feel like sharing.  Somedays I want to blog and I roll through numerous blog posts in my head and rarely find the time to actually write them down.  I also find myself wishing that there was an app for life - a SNAPSHOT app! 

Have you ever been in the midst of something, camera-less, and just wished you could speak the words to have a photo taken?  I sure do.  Like the other day when I was mixing the new vat of blue glaze at the studio...oh what a sight!  I had my jean capris rolled a bit higher.  My pink toenails against my tan feet and sparkly brown flip-flops.  Jiffy mixer in hand and I was attacking that glaze. attacked back.  In a flash splash, I was covered with blue.  Slippery, wet, blue.  There was a monster of a puddle at my feet and the coolest, abstract splash marks up my legs and even grazing the cuffs of those jean capris.  It was funny to me. I didn't see a mess.  I saw art.  I'm a little twisted like that. I could have cursed and threw my hands up, but instead I wish I would have been able to use my snapshot app to capture this mess...this silly, messy, beautiful blue mess.

Do you ever have moments like that?  Moments beyond the usual "I forgot my camera" moments.