Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something New!

I know I haven't been around much these past few days. I have been so busy! I am in the process of adding a fantastic, new product to my site. All my supplies arrive tomorrow morning. It is going to be FABULOUS! Really, you will want one. Your kids will want one. Your grandma will want one. Your hubby will want one too...really, he will! I cannot wait to debut this awesome little item!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Moments for Me Monday

Moments for Me Monday originated as Tammy's Happiness Challenge. Well, what makes me happy? My silly, little, loving pup!! Really, he is the love of my life. Diesel is the best dog in the world. I gush and gush about him all the time. If anyone even begins to mutter "he's just a dog" they will get that nasty scowl face before they even finish their sentence. He is my baby! For many, many, many years "English Bulldog" has made it on my birthday lists and Christmas wish lists and I never got one. So, when J and I bought our first home, I thought "I'm getting one, and no one can stop me." And so we did!!

I began looking into the Bulldog Rescue because I know how many are out there that need good homes. They have the potential to have lots of medical issues and people don't want to or can't deal with that. Frat boys think they are "cool dogs" and they get them and can't take care of them, etc. etc. The bottom line is there are many amazing bullies that need rescuing. So we did. There was only one in our area at the time, and to be honest with you...his picture was so very ugly! Sorry Big D, you are adorable now! You old mama claimed to not be able to get a good pic of you? Was she nuts? I can't stop snapping the camera on him. He is just too cute! We went about the process and filled out forms, and made calls, and then one night around 10pm J and I were laying in bed and WE GOT THE CALL!!! We had been approved for the rescue and they wanted to set up a "get to know eachother" time.

I know this is long so I will cut the rest down - - we met, I couldn't wait so we went within 48 hours. Diesel was coming from a great big loving wealthy home. The only teeny problem was that he was becoming dog aggressive and the other bully in the family had been there longer. Diesel was fighting with her and they had small babies in the home and it wasn't safe. His old daddy was heartbroken. This was his boy and we can see why. I cried the moment this chubby, short little fella came running out of the house. I couldn't believe it was him (I told you about that pic!!) It was love at first site. We were allowed to pick him up within about 48 hours and after more tears (his old daddy broke my heart) we were taking our baby home!!

That, my friends, is happiness. I love my bully so very much. He is an amazing boy. Oh yeah, and what was that about not getting cute pics? Look on...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Heather said...
I like the Bubble Dots Canvas for my daughter. How cute!
June 10, 2008 5:53 PM

Congrats to Heather! She is the winner of the Name Art on Canvas contest. If you would still like your own canvas you can order today and save 10% off using code: POLKADOT at checkout. Check back often for more contests. Thanks for participating!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Moments for Me Monday

Mr Linky is missing on Tammy's blog, but it is M4MM again so read, comment if you want, and jump in on the fun.

I had a good weekend. I had M4M all weekend long. I spent some serious quality time with J this weekend. We had a multitude of thunderstorms (LOVE THEM) and we enjoyed them Friday through Sunday. Friday night we laid out on the deck. There was thunder and lightening and no rain. It was amazing. We were laying side-by-side on our backs staring up at this fantastic light show (not so smart, I know) but it was so flippin' cool. J said "Wow, it's not often that you can sit outside in a thunderstorm without getting rained on." And BOOM! Just as he closed his mouth the heaven's opened up and rain poured on us. That was the end of our outside adventure. There were at least three more storms up until last night. It was great.

I have been working out (running, walking, calisthenics) and watching what I eat. I don't weigh myself everyday or every week for that matter. I have fought with the scale from the day I was born. I popped out at 8lbs 10oz and having been fighting it ever since. Today I decided to weigh myself. It said I was quite a few pounds more than I had expected. I was so discouraged. I don't really get it. Please don't tell me that muscle weighs more than fat. I am so sick of hearing that! I have been working on it. I haven't been working as hard as I could, but I have been working nonetheless. When I am not doing anything to better myself, I gain nothing. It seems that when I make conscious decisions to improve that is when I gain weight. WTH?!?! So, this seems like a downer, I know. But it is not. I am looking at this moment as a M4M because I am using it as my motivation to work harder. I ran on the treadmill (not outside! It's almost 100 degrees) rode my stationary bike and did crunches and tricep dips. What more can a girl do...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It is Contest Time!!

That's right! It is time for a contest. One lucky reader will win a 12" x 12" or 11" x 14" Name Art on Canvas from Little Painted Polka Dots. You can choose your colors and have it personalized any way you'd like!

All you have to do is view the Little Painted Polka Dots website and tell me in a comment below what your favorite canvas design is and who you would like to win it for! The contest runs until Tuesday June 10th and the winner will be announced here and also on Prizey.Fetch.

*One and only one comment per person is allowed, so please, only comment once:) Thanks!
*There must be a way to contact you if you win, so if you are not a blogger, please leave a valid email address. We will only contact you if you've won.