Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

I must confess, I actually tackled this on Monday...but just like in board games, I cheat!

I didn't even think about organizing my pantry or turning that horrible catch-all closet into a functioning, useable space.  Both areas have bugged me for awhile, but it was just never something that made it anywhere close to my to-do list... until Sunday night.  I saw someone else post about their new and improved pantry.  Oddly, it looked like my catch-all closet.  Not the messiness of it, but the layout.  The only difference was that my closet didn't have shelves.

I laid awake Sunday night and browsed Home Depot's website for closet storage and organization.  I had my shopping list ready for Monday and I was going to tackle this problem!  Come Monday I thought back to my "budget" and how if I were going to make changes in 2010 then I probably shouldn't go out and drop $100 on new pullout shelves, baskets, and jars.  Next thought - call J.  He will know how to make my own.  Better yet, he will offer to do it when he gets home from work.  Nope, that wouldn't be good.  He has been working so hard at work and also on our rental property.  I am not going to put this off on him. 

Plan B! (or C!..whatever)

I remember this wonky put together shelving unit I had in storage somewhere.  I dug it out and got to work.  It isn't perfect and I still plan on adding some jars and bins for better organization, but for now, it is done and I DID IT!  I love both new spaces.  It makes finding things so much easier.  Best of all, J was really proud and thankful for the new clean spaces too.

(This bottom shelf is where the new jars and bins will come in handy.  I have some excess baking supplies here that need seperate storage.)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions Shmesolutions!

Ya'll know I don't like "resolutions" so I didn't make any this year.  I did make my 10 in '10 list though.  Let's see how it's going!

The List:
1. Clean my home studio! (and keep it cleaned)
2. Create at least one new and healthly meal each week
3. Work out, work out, work out!
4. Give more than I receive. Some form of hands-on charity. Not just giving of the $$ this year.
5. Solidify some plans for my family
6. Settle into a budget and savings plan
7. Learn something new
8. Start and complete PROJECT: 365
9. Turn 30 with a smile
10. Focus on the Lord, through consistently going to church, sharing Him with J and others and reading my Bible.

The Progress:
1. Ha! Haven't even touched it.  I did, however, spend hours yesterday cleaning the rest of the house.  I scrubbed floors, I dusted, I mopped, I vacuumed, I did it all...except the studio.

2. I am kicking butt and taking names.  I have created so many new and healthy meals already that I better slow down or else I will run out of recipes before the summer.  As we speak I type I have yeast rolls rising on the counter and a healthy chicken noodle soup simmering in the crockpot.  Awww yeah!

3.  Errrrday!  That is right!  I am down 2.6lbs from BEFORE the holidays and God knows I didn't weigh in during or directly after that two week long fat fest.

4.  I hope I am doing this.  I am blessed so I feel like I am always receiving.  I am looking for ways to volunteer.  I have contacted a great lady at Project Linus and plan to start making some blankets for the little babies. 

5.  I'm praying about it.  That is all a girl can do at the moment.

6. Again, praying about it.  We have also only ate out once this week.  Well, I have only ate out once this week.  On Thursday I splurged on small Diet Coke and a Fresco Steak Soft Taco from Taco Bell.  Can a girl get some credit?!  I said a SMALL Diet Coke.  Woot! Go Lisa! Go Lisa!  Normally I consume a large and drink every sip.  It's not on my 10 in '10 but I am also trying to cut back on my ridiculous amount of Diet Coke.

7.  If recipes count, then check.  If not, then I have another 11.5 months to go.

8.  Started!  10 days down, 355 to go! Word.....

9.  Ahhh, 10 months to go.

10. This is going well.  I am trying to be the light.  I am trying to honestly think "what would Jesus do."  I have been focusing on being loving, encouraging, supportive, and uplifting to J throughout everything, everyday.  We do need to go to church.  Somedays I wish church wasn't 45 minutes away.  It makes it tough.  

Thanks for checking in and catching up with me.  It's been a good 10 days!  It is January 10th, right?  Wouldn't it be funny if it was only the 9th? I'm such a dork.  Off to check the date....