Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl and Polkadots

Sheesh, I don't know what I was worried about. We ended up having a great time last night. J and I went up to this local restaurant/bar that we frequent and had a good night. Drank a little, ate a little, played a little, and cheered A LOT! I have two words to say about last nights game - WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! I am so excited that the Giants won. I think this is the first time I said "Giants" and not "Eli." I love, love, love Eli. I think it is because he is the little brother and I empathize with him on that. He is finally in the spotlight, no longer in Peytons shadow! GO ELI!

So, I bought THE CUTEST new coat today. Ask my sister, she'll tell you. I call it my "company coat" because it has polka dots. I know! So cute. She laughed when I said "this can be my company coat." She thinks I am goofy, but I was serious. I love polka dots, and my company, AND MY NEW COAT! I'll post a pic soon. I also bought some polka dot slippers. Not as cute as the coat, but I did need new slippers and hey, polka dots never hurt!

Off to work out (dreading it...wanna snuggle on the couch) but summer clothes will be peeking out of my closet before I know it.

Whimsy Wishes,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday is here! I am not as excited as I normally would be. I have always had great plans...parties at our home...parties at friends houses...big parties at the local bars....but this year, as of right now...NOTHING! J assumed that we would be going to our friends house because that was the original plan months ago. Well, come to find out, they are out of town. He didn't find this out until a few days ago and just never made other plans. Boo! I can't make yummy appetizers and root for sweet Eli by myself...or can I?!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Top 100

Check it out! You can now see my site on the Shopaholics webiste @

I love good ratings!

Big Hugs,

Aah! It is officially the weekend. Snow has fallen, and it is cold outside. I have been couped up in the house for two days. Sort of by choice, but I am stir crazy now. I didn't have to go in to the studio yesterday or today, but I was devoted to my website and LPPD. I knew these late nights sucked into the blinding glare of the laptop would get old fast. I do love my laptop though. It's a Dell Inspirion Flamingo Pink something. All I care is that it is PINK and it contains so much of me.

I added a pic of some of my latest pieces. I plan on going to get canvas tomorrow to work on some Pop Art inspired pieces for the Posh Parent! Look for that collection on my site soon...even mommies and daddies want cute wall art!