Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Whimsical Beginning

Have you ever been asked "Are you rich?" I have... multiple times, normally by sweet, innocent children who truly think that $100 is the equivelant to millions. I always answer honestly when I tell them - Yes! I am rich. Monetarily, no, but that isn't what "rich" is all about to me. I am rich because I wake up every morning and get to do what I love. When I used to own my art studio I struggled some months to make ends meet, but yep, still rich. I woke up each day excited about what was to come and went to bed at night (sometimes mid-morning) with such anticipation for the next day. When that feeling dies it is time to move on. I did. I sold my studio and nannied for 3 years. It was an amazing 3 years with two beautiful children who mean the world to me. As the children grew I was needed less and it was time to move on. With some twist of fate I found myself back at my old studio working for the new owners. In what I'll call a tornado of a year, I have become the pseudo-owner again. I don't own it, ha, it seems like it "owns" me. Really, I am chuckling because that silly little thought just kind of came to me. All kidding aside, I am not the owner of the studio but I put the effort in, as if I was. I realize now why I sold it in the first place. I will stand by it (the studio) and do what I can within reason to help it succeed, but I have to put ME first. That is why I have created I LOVE whimsical art, seeing names in paint, and creating smiles for little kids who get to adorn there bedroom walls with my creations. Everything I create at LPPD is made to order, customizable, personal, and of course, whimsical. Enjoy!