Friday, May 1, 2009

Invisible Children

A little about the child soldiers in Joseph Kony's army - the real invisible children my own words.
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They are innocent children in Uganda. Young children who are abducted...stolen from their homes and forced to become a part of Joseph Kony's army. They are innocent children being turned into killers. They have to witness and take part in the most horrific violence, pain, and suffering. They need help. WE CAN HELP!

I have known about Invisible Children for far too long. I turned a blind-eye to it for a few reasons. Mainly, I hate injustice and hardships that affect children. It breaks my heart and truly affects me in a miserable way. I knew that watching this video would cause me utter sadness and heartache that I wasn't ready to endure. I don't know what finally clicked in me, but I got over myself and I watched the video. I sobbed. My heart ached in a physical way. It was an awful feeling. That feeling hasn't left me, but it lit a fire under me to DO SOMETHING. I have donated money and I am committed to raising awareness, but I wanted to do more. That first night I made this necklace. I wasn't sure how much of the profits I was going to donate, but I knew that was the plan. I have decided to donate 100% of the profits from the sale of this necklace to Invisible Children. It is so minuscule in the big picture, but every little bit helps. I am calling you out (in my sweetest, most kind voice) and asking YOU to help raise awareness. Repost this somewhere. Mention Invisible Children to a friend. Show a family member the video. JUST DO SOMETHING!

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Peace and blessings!
(and of course, Whimsy Wishes)