Monday, November 9, 2009

TWBA: Accomplishments

This week on MGR, our blog assignment is to share something we've accomplished so far this month.  Well, since we're only one week into it I feel like I don't have much to choose from.  Hmmm.... let's see.

I've decided to get back on track with working out.  I was doing great until the middle of October.  I got hit with a nasty head cold and needed a few days rest.  Then, I got horrible news from the doctor's office and just hit a wall.  I fell into a slump and decided that not working out and eating whatever I wanted was fine.  Good thing that sour attitude didn't last long!  November 1st was a new month...a new start!

I am 6 days into another round of the 30 day shred.  I am working out 5 days a week instead of 7.  I like my two rest days.  My body likes those two rest days also.  So yeah, that is my accomplishment for November so far.  Starting a new plan!


Mama Smurf said...

I know I've asked you this before but can you tell me again where you got the shredding videos? Can you send me the link?

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

Congrats for getting back on the horse! I need to start doing the same :)