Monday, October 5, 2009

TWBA: Sickie Remedies

It is fitting that this weeks blog assignment for MGR is to share our home remedies and secrets for flu survival.  Right after J kissed me goodbye for work he said "I'm getting sick.  My throat is killing me!"  Uhhhh....thanks, honey.  Please stay away from me now!

Our remedies are different, depending on who is sick.  If it is a little one, like my niece or nephew I usually go right to my mom and ask her opinion.  She is an RN and she never leads me astray.  She suggests all sorts of things, always more natural than medicinal.  For tummy aches its crushed ice and a little bit of coke (think: coke syrup).  For sore throats it is the infamous gargle with salt water trick.  For headaches we are instructed to take a nap with a cool wash cloth on our head.  Momma normally knows when it is serious and when more is needed.

Now, if it is me who is getting sick, I tend to load up on Vitamin C.  I can.not.stand being sick and I am getting the feeling that those around me can.not.stand it either.  That may be due to the fact that I am the worlds' biggest baby when I am.  I see nothing wrong with whining, pouting, crying and acting like the world is coming to an end....when I am the one that is sick.

For now, with J being sick, I will have to remind him 484 times to take his medicine.  I will have to listen to how sick he is...up until the time he leaves for Monday Night Football.  *insert loving eyeroll here*  I will pack extra Vitamin C laden things into his lunch for tomorrow and call him to remind him to eat the orange and not just the oreos.  I will want to hug him, but instead send him a high-five across the room, to better protect myself from catching what he has.  Cause after all, if we're both sick, who is going to take care of us?  The dog?!

I'll leave you with a few tips and tricks that we really do implement in our home:

1) Wash your hands
2) A spoonful of honey soothes a scratchy throat and a cough
3) Vitamin C is our friend before we are full on sick
4) Gargling with salt water is yucky, but effective
5) Rest, rest, rest
6) Steamy shower or bath
7) Hot tea, warm socks and extra loving for the sick one in the home

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My Great Retreat said...

We have been doing all these remedies this week :)

*hug* Adorable new blog :)