Monday, November 24, 2008

Organization at it's finest!

I can't believe I am doing this, but I wanted to show you all some before and after shots of my studio/home office/workout room. I know, that is some lofty goals to live up to for just one small room. Mix in an artist's organizational skills and this is what you end up with:

Upon first entering. The bike is only there because I drug it out a few days prior so I could watch TV and ride. I'm a multi-tasker, I know. The mammoth package of Bounty is there because is MAMMOTH and wouldn't fit in the normal spot.

Yes, my friends, I run on that treadmill at least three times a week. Do you love my new Nike running shoes (the ones on the treadmill, not on the floor)? The red "beer pong" cup is actually a water cup that I was using to wash my brushes, and the garbage can is only there because I was finally cleaning.

Just another angle of the chaos and madness. Sorry family, there are still some birthday presents in those bags. Well, not as of now, but there was in the photo. I love my gifts, thank you very much!

This picture sums it up. Oddly enough, I knew where everything was. I've never had a hissy fit about not being able to find the eyelet hammer or even the teeny tiny eyelets for that matter. To you, chaos, to me...not so much.

It was however, so very overwhelming to look at. It was also an eyesore for guests. So I devoted the entire day (last Monday) to cleaning it all. It was a process. In my mind each thing already had a home. I knew where it all was and I didn't have to open a drawer to get at it. Putting it away only to take it back out seems a little silly, but just like making your bed everyday (only to mess it up again every night) it is just one of those things you should do. So, I did! I love it cleaned. I feel so refreshed when I walk in there. I can actually paint in there now. The only down side is I don't have much to look at when I run on the treadmill anymore.

This is the NEW VIEW! I love walking into this room now. Check out the ribbon hung neatly on the wall. Okay, so it is not the best "hanging job" but it works, for now. I am also normally very anal about certain things (hard to tell from all the pics above) but when I find a spare moment all the ribbon spools will be displayed by color. ROYGBIV please! Notice the tulle in the drawers. They are in that order.

I have all my marketing, advertising, and packaging materials, along with supplies all put in a specific place. I have my 2009 calendar on the wall a few months early and I have my clipboard with orders in a list, so I know what I am working on. That is some fancy organizational skills right there.

Another view. Please look to above picture #4 for shocking

Last but not least, is the workout portion of this room. I had to put my printer and shipping boxes there for lack of room, but all in all, I am happy with this new clean little space. Yay me!

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Mama Smurf said...

Will you please come to my home and do something with my craft area in my basement? Seriously. My area makes your area look clean. Seriously.

Awesome job! I feel the weight lifting after seeing the after pics. Organizatin calms the sole I tell you...

But would I know....