Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a Few of Life's Choices

I'm stealing this from Mama Smurf at My Life.

Here is a little insight about!

I choose......
  • Tom Hanks over Tom Cruise
  • avoidance over confrontation
  • Mexican food over Chinese food (although I like both)
  • Nights over early mornings
  • Beer over wine(hmmm...that is really a toss-up)
  • NBC over CBS
  • Salty over sweet
  • Beach over mountains
  • Chocolate over vanilla
  • Dogs over cats
  • Mistakes made over opportunities missed
  • Lipgloss over lipstick (any time, any day!)
  • J.R.R Tolkien over J.K Rowling (honestly, I am not into either, but chose Tolkien for my dad)
  • Football over Hockey
  • Cake over pie
  • Half full over half empty
  • Sense of humor over sense of style (you can always buy new clothes, you can't change a personality)
  • Wheel of Fortune of Jeopardy (unless it is the Teen edition)
  • Pro-life over Pro-choice
  • Soda over iced tea
  • The Breakfast Club over Dirty Dancing
  • French Toast over French Fries
  • Belle over Cinderella
  • Small Town over Big City
  • The Olympics over the Oscars
  • Too cold over too hot
  • Ketchup over mustard (again a toss-up. I like both)
  • Caesar salad over house salad
  • Movies over books
  • Pedicures over manicures
  • White wine over red wine
  • John Cusack over John Malkovich
  • Apples over oranges
  • Fast cars over big trucks
  • treadmill over elliptical
  • winter over summer
  • time with girlfriends over alone time
  • vacuuming over mopping


Mama Smurf said...

Too Cold over Too hot?????!!!!!

Winter over summer?????!!!!!

We are NOT related!!


michellany said...

Umm...this is kind of wouldn't mind if this list made an appearance over at michellany, would you? Muah!

Heather said...

I stole this for my page :)!!!