Monday, October 6, 2008

Bringing back the Barter System

Wouldn't it be great if I could always get fabulous things from others just by offering up my wares? No money changing hands, no receipts, no sad faces because I simply can't "justify" another purchase. Nope, none of that is allowed in my happy bartering world. I would see something I like and the owner of that something would just want my products in return. Wouldn't that be amazing if it worked everywhere? Hmm...I feel like a Starbucks. The barista will take a Foofy. Off to the market for some organic produce and diet coke (staples in my life.) Well, that'll be one Cotton Candy Tutu as payment. Gasoline now...that is surely worth a custom Growth Chart these days.

Somehow, the rest of the world doesn't feel the same way I do. Go figure. One fabulous girl did let me live in my fantasy for a moment though. That is Natalie at Cotton Candy by Natalie. I saw something I just! I knew that after shelling out a pretty penny on the camera itself, that I could not justify another purchase at the moment. I took a leap and contacted the owner of the shop and asked if (just maybe) she would be interested in a trade....and SHE WAS! (Insert happy dance here!) I traded some personalized silver jewelry for this absolutely amazing, colorful, beautiful, fantastic, fabulous camera strap!

Isn't it AWESOME! I seriously get so happy every time I look at it. Thank you Natalie for believing in the barter system with me.

**Disclaimer: The barter system worked for both parties this one time. This does not mean that either party will be interested in trading again, but it never hurts to ask! :)


Mama Smurf said...

Thats a fantastic idea! Love the strap!

PS...also love the new look on the blog!

Heather said...

I just love your strap its so you. Glad that system worked for you i wish it worked like that Everywhere it would be nice lol.

Kari said...

AWESOME !!! I love the look
I added your blog on my domain as an Afflie! :)