Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wine? Anyone?!

I love a great glass (or bottle) of wine. I enjoy it room temperature while sitting on my deck as the sun is setting and the air is brisk. That is my favorite way to sip and unwind. Most of the time I am in my comfy pants, a teeshirt, no socks or shoes and my hair is wildly fabulous. I'll most likely have paint on my pants and antiquing gel on my fingers somewhere, but the wine is good and I am happy. What do you do with all the empty bottles? Well, if you're me, you turn them into something useful.

These were done for a friends wedding shower...also wine enthusiasts. The bottles have been kiln-fired to a scorching 1200 degrees and they are now fabulous cheese trays or wall art - whichever you'd prefer.

Are you a wine lover? Know someone who is? Why not order them their very own Whimsy Wine Bottle?!

1 comment:

THopgood said...

That is an incredibly unique idea. I've never seen that before and I love the cheese tray idea!

I will be by to do some shopping before the holidays!