Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter to all of you. Now that I sent out my postcards I hope to have my dear family reading and contributing to my blog. We had such a fantastic day today! We celebrated Easter at our house with Jerry, Diesel and I, my mom and dad, sister and her SO and two little ones, plus my aunt, uncle and their two girls. We had a big meal, an Easter egg hunt, we dyed eggs...all of the us, adults too (props to Jerry for his R,W,B egg and to Beck for her 5 shades of gorgeous egg!). We made chocolate bunnies too. Such fun! I started early with the mimosa's so I guess that is my excuse for being in bed by 9pm tonight...ha ha! At least I did the traditional mimosa. Auntie just had the champagne. She clearly didn't see a purpose in ruining a perfectly good glass of champagne with juice. Cheers Auntie! I'll post some pics soon, when I am not so sleepy.

Back to business tomorrow. I have lots of stuff to paint. I have princess and darlin' diva designs in the works. They will be up on my site soon. As always, I love custom orders so please feel free to contact me.

Happy Easter and Hugs,

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THopgood said...

Happy Painting! Wish I had seen that painted egg platter before Easter! I had to borrow my mom's!