Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 Months Later...

**I don't blog often.  I realize it's been 4 months since my last post.  I just so happended to visit my blog and read my last post.  I've been so blessed in the past four months.  Let's reflect...

I want:
  • to be pregnant  - - I am.  Praise God, I am!  11 weeks today.
  • to wear cute maternity clothes - - There isn't a need yet.  I can still fit into my regular clothes.  I will consider this a blessing for now.
  • to go to bed each night with that slightly excited/slightly anxious "am I going to be good enough" feeling - - Oh boy.  What a feeling this is.  Just the other night I woke up in a panic about driving with the baby in the car.  Excited and anxious doesn't begin to describe it.
  • to be a mommy - - I will Christmas.  *tears*
  • to look at my husband and tell him that he is going to be a daddy - - That was a good day.  We were cautious after the first test...and the second...but once I went to the doctor, we knew.  *love*
  • I've wanted them all day today - - no desire for cherries  right now.  Watermelon and oranges do the trick.
  • to have a new hair do' (I will tomorrow, after 3pm) - - I've had my hair done a couple times since I posted.  I need to touch up my pink.  Maybe I'll  do that tomorrow.
  • a big juicy burger with avocado - - Yep, still sounds delicious.  Better add avocado to my grocery list.
  • a pedicure that I don't have to drive 45 minutes to get - - I just had a mani/pedi on Thursday.  It  was 45 minutes away from home, but only 5 minutes from  work.  My toes look pretty!
  • to go back to that place where (almost one year ago) my life changed when I said "yes" - - Aww! I love that place.  I love my husband so much.  We went back to our place in February and loved every minute of it.  He is such a huge blessing to me.
  • to lose these last 18lbs - - Um...well...that didn't happen.  They say I'm just going to gain weight now.  Eek.  That will be a struggle as I haven't seen the scales go up in over a year.  I've put on 2-3 lbs already.  I know that it is for a good reason...a great reason.
  • to be warm - - Warm I am!  It was 80* this week.  Granted, it's only 50* and rainy today, but my bed is warm and that is where I'm snuggled up at the moment.  Sleeping is my new favorite thing.
  • to hug my little niece and nephew - - I just spent 10 days with these precious two.  My heart was so full.  I miss them and love them so much.
  • to high five an old friend - - I never did high five that old friend, but I have hugged and laughed and cried with some greater old friends.
  • my step-daughter to celebrate "20" tomorrow and know just how loved she really is - - I surely hope that this is the case.
  • my sister to have a peaceful heart and as much excitement as I did when I had a few months to go - - My beautiful sister  said  "I do" 15 days ago.  *love*
  • my momma and daddy to have peaceful hearts knowing that their daughters are full of love and they done good - - I hope they never forget this.  Ever.
  • my husband to feel like the man that he is - amazing - - I will always want this.  I will always want him to know how much I love him, cherish him, and appreciate him.
  • to be hugged by Jesus  - - One day.   One day.

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Heather said...

L Congrats on your pregnancy, Im beyond Excited for you!