Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been so busy...

...Being IN LOVE!  I'm married now, y'all!  I documented my Engagement weekend quite a few posts down and then I went scarce between then and now.  In those busy months of picking out flowers and deciphering the true difference in shades of pink, I tried to capture it all here on my "countdown to the big day" blog.  Since we've been home, I've been in holiday mode - full speed.  With a gift making business, this is understandably such a busy time for me.  Between the pottery studio and Little Painted Polka Dots, I will be going non-stop until January. 

Even in the midst of the busiest days...when my feet hurt, my eyes are strained, my fingertips are cut and/or covered in paint, I know that I'm blessed beyond belief.  I serve the most amazing God and I realize it more and more everyday.  I am so in love with my husband and surrounded by big, BIG love from family and friends.  I'm thankful for each new day and I encourage you to find the good...even on the gloomy days.

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