Monday, March 29, 2010

Every Monday Matters - Wk 6


That is the "action" for this week. I am going to link you directly to the site because there are some great links to follow from there to take action. Before I do that though...some interesting facts...
**Junk-mail deliveries surpass the U.S. Postal Service 1st class mail—over 100 billion pieces of junk mail are sent annually.
**Even though 44% of all junk mail is discarded without being opened, people will still spend 8 months of their lives opening junk mail.
**Only 2% of junk mail gets a response.

**Over $350 million taxpayer dollars are spent annually to dispose of junk mail that does not get recycled.

**100 million trees are needed to produce the annual supply of bulk mail—that’s the equivalent of deforesting the entire Rocky Mountain National Park every four months.

**5.8 million tons of catalogs and other direct-mail advertisements end up in landfills annually.

**The average person receives only 1.5 personal letters each week, compared to 10.8 pieces of junk mail—over 500 pieces of junk mail per person per year.

**Paper is predicted to take up 48% of our landfills by 2010.
Read more about how junk mail affects our lives:

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