Monday, October 12, 2009

Ramblings from a WAHC

Today I feel like rambling on...and on...and on.  I work full-time, but part of that time is from home.  Hence the title WAHC (work-at-home-chick).  I'm not yet a mama, unless you count the sweet pup (which I do) or the step daughter (who is now out of the house.)  For now, I am fine with chick, not mom.

I hear it all the time... "Oh, you don't work tomorrow."  "Do this on your day off."  "Why didn't that get done, you didn't have to work today?"  I cringe at those ignorant comments.  I want to punch you in the forehead when you come at me with such foolishness.  Today though, I will let you have things your way.  I will not work today.  Nope.  I will give you reason to ask why something isn't done.  Because, folks, I am tired.  I am tired of working nonstop only to be asked why I didn't do ANYTHING today.  I did complete a few orders, answer some work related emails, put dinner in the crock pot, pay all the bills and I will do the dishes, but that is it.  That is what I consider nothing for today. (For a moment, imagine what my "non-nothing" days consist of!)  My goal today is to beat my record on Bejewelled Blitz on Face Book.  Ha, ha, ha!  Yeah, how does that sound?  I am going to lay under the covers in bed for the better half of the day.  I don't care what you say.  If I get told that I do nothing, I am going to find out what this thing called nothing really feels like.

I am working on silencing those voices in my head that keep telling me to go sweep the floors or dust.  I am not going to spend a few hours marketing Little Painted Polka Dots. I will not answer any work-related phone calls (or non work-related, depending on whose calling).  I will not do laundry.  I will not start any new orders for LPPD today.  I will not traipse room to room, picking up all the mess leftover from the weekend.  I will not feel even slightly guilty when you tell me that "nothing got done today."  In fact, I'll probably laugh as I proudly tell you that YES, something did get done today.... I beat my Bejewelled Blitz record, FINALLY!  Ahhh, success.

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Mama Smurf said...

You've inspired me to do NOTHING! LOL