Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 Things...

Here it is, my first tag. Woot! Woot! I am a dork, I know, but I am excited to finally be tagged for one of these! I was tagged for this by Tammy at My Life. So here it goes!

4 things I was doing 10 years ago....

1. In May of 98 I was a senior in highschool so I was getting ready to graduate.
2. Partying like it was 1999 (a little Prince reference for ya)
3. Stressing out because I would be starting college and would then HAVE TO drive myself. (I was scared)
4. Taking advantage of the freedom I had at that point, unaware of all that was to come.

4 things I was doing 5 years ago...

1. Anxiously awaiting my little nephews birth!
2. I was extremely blinded by love
3. Living happily as a business owner - sometime between 10 and 5 years ago I bought an art studio that I absolutely loved.
4. Spending some of the best times of my life with my sister. We shared the same friends and we spent all of our time together. (I miss her now, as we're older and live an hour away from eachother *sniff*sniff*)

4 things I did yesterday...

1. Went to work at the studio (only a few days left, said with nervous anticipation!!)
2. Resisted the urge to indulge in one of the most fabulous cannoli's ever made. The bakery by the studio makes the SECOND best (the world's best are created by noneother than my dear Aunt Phyllis) cannoli's, but I resisted temptation. Oh geez, screw temptation...can somebody PUHLEASE get me a cannoli?! Aunt Phyllis? Bakery? Anyone?
3. Shipped out some orders
4. Played baseball with my nephew....yes, I broke a nail..AND.IT.HURT!

4 shows I like to watch...

1. Las Vegas
2. Anything Food Network
3. Criminal Minds
4. Jon and Kate +8

4 things I love to do...

1. spend quality time with friends and family (it's few and far between living in this hell I call Port Huron.)
2. cook/bake
3. anything artsy, especially when they are customers orders. Who doesn't want to get paid for doing what they love ;-)
4. getting massages - - pure bliss

I am tagging the following wonderful girls for the meme: Artsy Kelly, Kristin at Life's Small Moments, and Michelle


THopgood said...

Have you FORGOTTEN what my own mother's canolis taste like??!! HUMPH! My mom's are the best! And don't you forget it! LOL! Traitor!

THopgood said...

LMAO! That's more LIKE it!

I made them with her this past winter so I could learn how to do it. So much work. I don't know if I'll ever make them...I think I'll just wait until she'll make them for me.